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Anonymous sussurou 4 months ago
Why does it seem you think every male who tries to defend the male race as a whole is misogynistic? -An African American 18 year old


There is no need to defend males. They already get paid more, hold more positions of power, are obsessed with making important decisions about women regardless of how women feel, generally don’t have to worry about sexual harassment or assault…like really, should I go on?

If a woman is talking about her experiences with men it is rude, unnecessary, and self-indulgent for a male to pop up, insert himself into the conversation, and pull that, “Not all men are like that,” bullshit.

Nobody is saying all men are shit. A lot of them are. Most of them might be. But not all of them. There are good men.

So go sit the entire fuck down, read a book about feminism, become aware of your privilege…and next time a woman is talking about her experiences FUCKING LISTEN!

Maybe if you listen instead of cutting them off you will start to understand the severity of the sexism, misogyny, and sexual harassment/assault women face.

And then maybe you’ll learn about some of your behaviors that you need to change, and when you see other males treating women badly you can call them on it.

That’s how you prove that “not all men are like that” with your actions. Fuck the words. Nobody wants to hear that shit. ACT ON IT!








The hatred this site has for white people is astounding. Here’s hoping it doesn’t manifest physically.



Poor white person being called out on white privilege and having to actually see the oppression marginalized groups go through.

That must be tough. :’(


OP’s  tags are the best, thoughimage